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Doors can be inside / outside opening with single / double shutters or swing / 180 degree door combination, with locking facility.


  • Specially designed die cast cleats which provide excellent rigidity to corner joints.
  • Screw - flutes provided wherever butt - joint is necessary.
  • A wide choice of Aluminium Profiles depending on aesthetics, design and structural criteria.
  • Infill glass can be single or double glazed or laminated board (thickness can vary from 4 to 26 mm).
  • Specially designed Wedge clamped reversible hinges in 2 or 3 parts to withstand shutter load up to 80 kgs for smooth trouble free operation.
  • Swing doors can be made with option of using Floor Springs. Double shutterpyles for swing doors to prevent dust ingress.
  • Door bottom sealed with a threshold or bottom sweep gasket.
  • Wide range of European handles/fittings and locks to choose from.
  • Long life Siliconised EPDM gaskets for excellent air and water tightness.


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